Entry Rules

  1. All participants must be 5 years of age or older, and all children 7 and under must be accompanied by and adult in the boat.
  2. Life jackets must be brought and worn by all participants when racing.
  3. Boats must be made of cardboard.
  4. NO metal, wood or plastic structures allowed.
  5. Plastic sheeting is not allowed. A builder may use sealant, wax, paint and/or tape.
  6. Boats may not exceed 16 feet in length except for the ‘Luxury Liner’ category.
  7. At least two but no more than four people per boat are allowed except for Luxury Liners which may have 4 or more.
  8. No motors allowed. Paddles or hands for power.
  9. Boats may be raced in heats with times determining place finishes in each category.
  10. Race course for children will be approximately 50 yards. All other categories will be about 100.
  11. Registration is $10 per boat in advance or $15 on the day of the event.

Boat Judging

Before the race, prizes will be awarded for beauty, design and creativity. Boats will be judged in the following categories:
  • Best design/crew costumes
  • Best team effort/ spirit
  • Most Creativity
  • Most likely to float
  • Titanic (most likely to sink)
  • Pride of the Regatta


To ensure that everyone has an equal chance, the races will be divided into the following nine categories:
  • Open to age 7 - 14
  • Parent and Child (as young as 5)
  • School/civic/scout/club
  • Open age 15 – 50
  • Open age 51 and older
  • Luxury Liner (4 or more crew)
  • Business Boats (2-4 crew)
  • Grand finale is for all classes of boats still floating